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Table 1 ATCC and BCCM type strain collection used in this study

From: PCR-based method for targeting 16S-23S rRNA intergenic spacer regions among Vibrio species

Designation Strain* Designation Strain*
ATCC 700797 V. aerogenes ATCC 33898 V. natriegens
ATCC 35048 V. aestuarianus ATCC 14048 V. natriegens
ATCC 33840 V. alginolyticus ATCC 51183 V. navarrensis
ATCC 17749 V. alginolyticus ATCC 25917 V. nereis
ATCC BAA-606 V. calviensis ATCC 27043 V. nigrapulchritudo
ATCC 33863 V. campbellii ATCC 33509 V. ordalii
ATCC 11629 V. cholerae ATCC 33934 V. orientalis
ATCC 25874 V. cholerae ATCC 33935 V. orientalis
ATCC 14547 V. cholerae ATCC 43996 V. parahaemolyticus
ATCC 35912 V. cincinnatiensis ATCC 27519 V. parahaemolyticus
ATCC 700982 V. cyclitrophicus ATCC 17802 V. parahaemolyticus
ATCC BAA-450 V. coralyticus ATCC BAA-239 V. parahaemolyticus
ATCC 33466 V. diazotrophicus ATCC 700783 V. pectenicida
ATCC 700601 V. fischeri ATCC 51841 V. penaeicida
ATCC 14546 V. fischeri ATCC 33789 V. splendidus
ATCC 33809 V. fluvialis ATCC 19105 V. tubiashii
ATCC 33810 V. fluvialis ATCC 19109 V. tubiashii
ATCC 35016 V. furnissii ATCC 43382 V. vulnificus
ATCC 33841 V. furnissii ATCC 29306 V. vulnificus
ATCC 43066 V. gazogenes ATCC 29307 V. vulnificus
ATCC 700680 V. halioticoli ATCC BAA-104 V. wodansis
ATCC 35084 V. harveyi LMG 21449 V. agarivorans
ATCC 43515 V. harveyi LMG 23858 V. breoganii
ATCC 43516 V. harveyi LMG 21353 V. chagasii
ATCC 33564 V. hollisae LMG 23413 V. comitans
ATCC 700023 V. ichthyoenteri LMG 22240 V. crassostreae
ATCC 700024 V. ichthyoenteri LMG 19970 V. ezurae
ATCC 15382 V. logei LMG 21557 V. fortis
ATCC 35079 V. logei LMG 21878 V. gallicus
ATCC 43341 V. mediterranei LMG 22741 V. gigantis
ATCC 700040 V. metschnikovii LMG 20362 V. hepatarius
ATCC 7708 V. metschnikovii LMG 10935 V. natriegens
ATCC 33654 V. mimicus LMG 3772 V. proteolyticus
ATCC 33655 V. mimicus LMG 21460 V. rotiferianus
ATCC 51288 V. mytili   
  1. *The following Vibrio type strains, used as reference strains in this study, were recently reclassified as different genera, as described here: V. calviensis became Enterovibrio calviensis [29]; V. fisheri became Aliivibrio fisheri, V. logei became Aliivibrio logei, V. wodanis became Aliivibrio wodanis [30]; and V. hollisae became Grimontia hollisae [31]. Through this paper, the former genus and species designations are used.