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Figure 7

From: Diarrhea-associated biofilm formed by enteroaggregative Escherichia coli and aggregative Citrobacter freundii: a consortium mediated by putative F pili

Figure 7

Characterization of the typical EAEC strains which were tested for biofilm sensitivity to zinc. Most of the strains isolated from diarrhea positioned above the cut-off value and thus were considered to form biofilms sensitive to zinc. Abbreviations: EAST-1 (thermo-stable toxin of EAEC), Pic (protein involved in colonization), AggR (transcriptional activator of EAEC), AAF3 (aggregative adherence fimbria III), PilS (type IV pilus of EAEC), PAP (pili P), AFA (Afa-Dr operon), Agn43 (antigen 43), TraA (pilin F), + (positive result) P (persistent diarrhea - lasting more than 14 days), ND (not determined).

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