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Table 4 Collection details for 17 A. americanum from the USA harboring DNA from Ehrlichia species

From: Development of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assays for Rapid Detection of Ehrlichia ruminantium

Ehrlichia detecteda MAP1 typesb Co-infection with other Ehrlichia Patient Tick isolation site
Panola Mountain Ehrlichia Clade 2   22-year-old female Kentucky
  B180/PMtn   52-year-old male Maryland
  B180/PMtn   25-year-old male Maryland
  Unknown Ehrlichia ewingii 50-year-old male Maryland
  Clade 2 Ehrlichia chaffeensis 41-year-old male New Jersey
  PME + Clade 2   46-year-old male New Jersey
  B180/PMtn   41-year-old male New Jersey
  B180/PMtn   31-year-old male New Jersey
  B180/PMtn   46-year-old male New Jersey
  B180/PMtn   NRc Oklahoma
  Unknown   25-year-old male Virginia
Ehrlichia chaffeensis    29-year-old male Virginia
    18-year-old female South Carolina
Ehrlichia ewingii    Maled Virginia
    Male Virginia
    36-year-old male Virginia
    34-year-old male Virginia
  1. aEhrlichia species were detected by previously described assays [42, 45].
  2. bMAP1 types; B180, Clade 2, PME, and PMtn, represents the phylogenetic clade based on the sequence of Major Antigenic Protein 1 (MAP1) gene [42].
  3. cNR, not recorded.
  4. dAge was not recorded.