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Table 2 L. plantarum genes with putative roles in modulating PBMC cytokine production.

From: Identification of Lactobacillus plantarum genes modulating the cytokine response of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Genes(s) Gene numbera Product Percent of strains with the gene(s)b Gene-dependent contribution to cytokine stimulationc
lp_1953 lp_1953 Hypothetical protein 48 IL-10 1.6-fold ↑
pts19ADCBR lp_2647-2651 N-galactosamine PTS, EIIADCB and transcription regulator, GntR family 33 IL-10 1.7-fold ↓
plnEFI lp_0419-0422 Immunity protein PlnI 81-85 IL-10/IL-12 1.7-fold ↓
   Bacteriocin-like peptide PlnF    
   Bacteriocin-like peptide PlnE    
plnG lp_0423 ABC transporter 88 IL-10/IL-12 1.8-fold ↓
lamB lp_3582 Accessory gene regulator protein 43 IL-10/IL-12 1.3-fold ↓
prophage P2b 1 & 21 lp_2460 Prophage P2b protein 21 38 IL-10/IL-12 1.5-fold ↑
  lp_2480 Prophage P2b protein 1, integrase    
  1. aGene number on the L. plantarum WCFS1 chromosome [23].
  2. bPercentage of L. plantarum strains containing the gene according to CGH [27, 28].
  3. cGene-trait matching importance measures (in parentheses) and predicted effects of the gene(s) on the variable and average magnitude and direction (higher or lower) of IL-10 and IL-10/IL-12 amounts.