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Table 3 Arginine and lysine-dependent acid resistance of E. coli strains

From: Decrypting the H-NS-dependent regulatory cascade of acid stress resistance in Escherichia coli

Strain (relevant genotype) Arginine-dependent acid
resistance (% survival)
Lysine-dependent acid
resistance (% survival)
FB8 (wild-type) 0.23 0.05
BE1411 (hns::Sm) 24.50 7.64
BE2823 (hns::Sm ΔrcsB) 4.44 1.00
BE2826 (hns::Sm Δdps) 0.11 0.28
BE2836 (hns::Sm ΔhdeA) 5.11 5.37
BE2837 (hns::Sm ΔadiY) 1.80 7.30
BE2939 (hns::Sm cadC1::Tn10) 24.24 0.001
  1. Percentage survival is calculated as 100 × number of c.f.u. per ml remaining after 2 hours low pH treatment in the presence of arginine or lysine, divided by the initial c.f.u. per ml at time zero. Data are the mean values of two independent experiments that differed by less than 15%.