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Figure 3

From: A high-throughput cloning system for reverse genetics in Trypanosoma cruzi

Figure 3

Detection of GFP-fused recombinant proteins and FACS analysis. Lanes in A and B represent protein extracts from T. cruzi wild type (WT) cells and cells transfected with GFPneo-CTRL, GFPneo-Rab7 and GFPneo-PAR2. In A is represented the load control gel. In B, these extracts were incubated with antibodies against GFP. BenchMark (Invitrogen) was used as the molecular weight marker. In C, T. cruzi wild type epimastigotes (WT) were used as a negative control. For each culture, 20,000 cells were counted. The Y- and X-axis represent the number of cells counted (events) and GFP fluorescence (FL1-H) in arbitrary fluorescence units (AFU), respectively.

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