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Table 2 Probes excluded from analysis due to redundancy

From: The core genome of the anaerobic oral pathogenic bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis

GeneID Annotated function
PG2152 DNA-binding protein, histone-like family
PG0261 ISPg3, transposase
PG0943 ISPg5, transposase Orf2
PG1420 ISPg5, transposase Orf2
PG1444 hypothetical protein
PG1261 ISPg4, transposase
PG1276 DNA-binding protein, histone-like family
PG1670 hypothetical protein
PG1451 conserved hypothetical protein
PG2128 ISPg5, transposase Orf2
PG1449 conserved hypothetical protein
PG1453 Integrase
PG1267 hypothetical protein
PG1350 ISPg2, transposase
PG0827 MATE efflux family protein
PG1669 hypothetical protein
PG1448 ISPg1, transposase
PG1709 ISPg5, transposase Orf1
PG1454 Integrase
PG1332 NAD(P) transhydrogenase, beta subunit
PG1452 lipoprotein, putative
PG1384 ISPg1, transposase, authentic frameshift
PG1244 ISPg1, transposase
PG1447 transcriptional regulator, AraC family
PG1450 conserved hypothetical protein
PG1445 rteC protein, truncation
PG1671 hypothetical protein
PG0487 ISPg4, transposase
PG0760 ISPg1, transposase, authentic frameshift