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Table 3 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Scarless and sequential gene modification in Pseudomonas using PCR product flanked by short homology regions

Strains and Plasmids Genotype or Description Source
E. coli DH5α Sup E 44 ΔlacU169(Φ80 lacZ ΔM15) hsd R 17 recA 1 endA 1gyrA 96 thi-1 rel A 1 Gibco-BRL
P. aeruginosa PAO1 Wild type prototroph Stephen Lory's Lab
P. aeruginosa PCA PAO1 ΔphzH ΔphzS ΔphzM This work
Plasmid pDN18 RK2-derived cloning vector, TetR Stephen Lory's Lab, [18]
pBluescript II KS (+) Universal cloning vector, AmpR Stratagene
pEX18Ap Gene replacement vector, oriT+ sacB+, AmpR Stephen Lory's Lab, [16]
pBAD18 Vector containing araC gene and P BAD promoter, AmpR [35]
pRKaraRed Broad-host-range, lambda Red proteins expression vector, TetR This work