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Figure 3

From: Chromosomal instability in Streptomyces avermitilis: major deletion in the central region and stable circularized chromosome

Figure 3

Southern hybridization analysis of chromosomal rearrangements in SA1-8 (A, B) and schematic representation of the chromosomes of wild-type strain and mutant SA1-8, showing three independent rearrangements (C). Total DNAs were in gel digested with Ase I, and probed by aveC, Dr, D600, NA3, G2-152, and G1-139, respectively (A, B). Probe aveC was in the ave gene cluster of fragment A. Distance between probe and extreme right end of chromosome was 600-kb for D600, 196-bp for Dr. Probes G2-152 and G1-139 were located on fragments G2 and G1, respectively. PFGE conditions were the same as for Fig. 1B. (C) Open bar: simplified chromosome map with fragment designations and sizes in kilobases; Vertical lines: Ase I sites; Horizontal lines: probes; Diagonal lines: internal regions not displayed; Thick arrows: 88-kb TIRs; Solid circles: terminal proteins; Black bars: inner deletion regions.

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