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Table 1 Occurrence of T box regulated lysyl-tRNA synthetase genes

From: The T box regulatory element controlling expression of the class I lysyl-tRNA synthetase of Bacillus cereus strain 14579 is functional and can be partially induced by reduced charging of asparaginyl-tRNAAsn

Bacterium Gene Gene identifier Class T box regulated
B. cereus strains§ lysS   II No
  lysK   I Yes
B. thuringiensis Konkukian lysS BT9727_0072 II No
  lysK BT9727_2375 I Yes
B. thuringiensis Al Hakam lysS BALH_0075 II No
  lysK BALH_2333 I Yes
Clostridium beijerinckii lysS1 Cbei_0105 II No
  lysS2 Cbei_3591 II Yes
Symbiobacterium thermophilum lysS STH525 II Yes
  lysK STH208 I No