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Figure 3

From: Revealing fosfomycin primary effect on Staphylococcus aureus transcriptome: modulation of cell envelope biosynthesis and phosphoenolpyruvate induced starvation

Figure 3

Differentially expressed genes corresponding to TIGRFAM protein superfamilies. The percentage of differentially expressed genes (upper panel - upregulated genes, lower panel - downregulated genes) vs. total number of genes in TIGRFAM protein superfamilies (AA_b: Amino acid biosynthesis; CF_b: Biosynthesis of cofactors, prosthetic groups, and carriers; C_env: Cell envelope; C_pro: Cellular processes; C_int: Central intermediary metabolism; DNA_m: DNA metabolism; Ene_m: Energy metabolism; Fat_m: Fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism; Mobi: Mobile and extrachromosomal element functions; P_fat: Protein fate; P_syn: Protein synthesis; Pu_py: Purines, pyrimidines, nucleosides, and nucleotides; Reg_f: Regulatory functions; Sig_t: Signal transduction; Trans: Transcription; Tr_bi: Transport and binding proteins; Uncl: Unclassified) at 10, 20 and 40 minutes after treatment with 1 μg/ml (left) and 4 μg/ml (right) of fosfomycin.

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