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Table 3 Strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: The HP0256 gene product is involved in motility and cell envelope architecture of Helicobacter pylori

Strains or plasmids Relevant characteristics Reference or source
H. pylori   
CCUG17874 wild-type strain CCUG, Sweden
hp0256 KO CCUG17874 Δhp0256::Cmr This study
P1 wild-type strain [57]
P79 P1 Strr [58]
P79-hp0256 KO P79 Δhp0256::Cmr This study
P79-0256/pIR203K04 P79 Δhp0256::Cmr with pIR203K04 (Kanr) This study
P79-0256/pIR0601 P79 Δhp0256::Cmr with pIR0610 (Kanr) This study
S. typhimurium   
SJW1103 wild-type strain [59]
MKM40 SJW1103 ΔfliJ [59]
MKM40-pQE60 SJW1103 ΔfliJ with empty pQE-60 This study
MKM40-pQE60-0256 SJW1103 ΔfliJ with pQE-60-0256 This study
E. coli   
One Shot TOP10 F- mcr A Δ(mrr-hsd RMS-mcr BC) ф80lac Z ΔM15 Δlac X74 rec A1 ara Δ139 Δ(ara-leu)7697 gal U gal K rps L (Strr) end A1 nup G Invitrogen, USA
pIR203K04 kanamycin resistance cassette (Kanr) [51]
pIR0601 pIR203K04 with hp0256 gene under the control of hp0601 promoter This study
  C-term His-tagged expression vector (Ampr)  
pQE-60 pQE-60 with hp0256 gene Qiagen, Germany
pQE-60-0256 This study  
  1. Cm, chloramphenicol, Kan, kanamycin; Str, streptomycin