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Figure 4

From: A glutamine-amidotransferase-like protein modulates FixT anti-kinase activity in Sinorhizobium meliloti

Figure 4

Complementation of the mutant phenotype by the asnO gene. RNAs isolated from free-living microoxic cultures (2% O2) of S. meliloti strains grown in M9 minimal medium were amplified by RT-PCR using specific primers. RT-PCR products were separated on agarose gels, blotted onto a nylon membrane and hybridized with the 32P labelled probe of the expected product. Upper panel : fixK gene (see Materials and Methods). Lower panel : hemA gene (control). Lane 1 = GMI211 (pMF10), Lane 2 = GMI401 (pMF10), Lanes 3 and 4 = GMI401 (pMF10) (pBasn2) of two independent transconjugants.

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