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Table 1 Yeast annotation and the location of origin. Yeast species (where applicable) and fatty acid content from initial fatty acid accumulation screening on glucose based medium in % per cell dry weight (DW). Species marked n.i indicates species not identified

From: Screening of xylose utilizing and high lipid producing yeast strains as a potential candidate for industrial application

Yeast isolate (place and annotation) Species FA content initial screen (% of DW)
Palmhuset. Gothenburg
 PAL-Fa n.i 34.3
 PAL-Fb n.i 16.3
 PAL-Fd n.i 19.1
 PAL-Ia n.i 7.2
 PAL-Ib n.i 18.2
 PAL-Ja n.i 13.3
 PAL-Ha n.i 14.5
 PAL-Pa n.i 18.2
 PAL-Pb n.i 12.3
 PAL-C n.i 12.0
Botanical Garden. Gothenburg
 BOT-10.2 n.i 15.0
 BOT-10.3 Sporidiobolus salmonicolor 26.8
 BOT-O Pseudozyma hubeiensis 46.8
 BOT-A1 n.i 21.3
 BOT-A2 Rhodosporidium toruloides 40.4
 BOT-I n.i 23.7
 BOT-1 Rhodotorula minuta 34.0
 BOT-6.1 Cryptococcus flavescens 41.4
 BOT-6.2 Rhodotorula minuta 34.4
 BOT-J.1 Rhodotorula sp. 49.0
 BOT-J.2 n.i 17.0
 BOT-4 Rhodotorula glutinis / Rhodosporidium diobovatum 32.5
 BOT-8 Rhodosporidium toruloides 46.8
Gran Canaria. Spain
 GC-7 n.i 18.5
 GC-9 n.i 19.3
 GC-12 n.i 12.6
Brännö. Gothenburg
 BR-c.a n.i 13.6
 BR-g.a n.i 5.3
 BR-h.a n.i 8.0 n.i 6.3
Reference strains
 CBS14 Rhodosporidium toruloides 29.1
 CCUG32821 Rhodotorula glutinis 35.0