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Table 1 The fungal isolates and their codes along with their taxonomy and gene accession number

From: Colonization with non-mycorrhizal culturable endophytic fungi enhances orchid growth and indole acetic acid production

Fungal Morphotype code Fungal taxonomy Number of isolates Percentage of identity Gene accession number
CDLAR1 Alternaria sp. 1 100% MN256650
DLCCR3 Cladosporium sp. 4 99% MN256649
DLCCR7 Coniochaeta sp. 4 92% MK225602
DLCL2 Alternaria sp. 2 100% MN256652
DLCR1 Penicillium sp. 1 100% MN256653
DLCR2 Penicillium sp. 2 100% MN256654
DLCR3 Penicillium sp. 1 100% MN256648
DLMR3 Coniochaeta sp. 3 100% MN256651
PDLAR1 Fusarium sp. 2 98% MN256645
PDLAR2 Fusarium sp. 1 100% MN256647
PDLAR3 Fusarium sp. 2 100% MN256646
  1. DLCR represent ‘DL’ Dendrobium longicornu, ‘C’ Czapek Dox Agar, ‘R’ Root. DLCCR represent ‘DL’ Dendrobium longicornu, ‘C’ Chilaune, ‘C’ Czapek Dox Agar, ‘R’ Root. ‘L2DLCL2 represent leaf. DLMR represent ‘DL’ Dendrobium longicornu, M’ MMN media, ‘R’ Root. CDLAR represent ‘C’ Czapek Dox Agar, ‘DL’ Dendrobium longicornu, ‘A’ Maile, ‘R’ Root. PDLAR represent ‘P’ PDA media, ‘DL’ Dendrobium longicornu, ‘A’ Maile, ‘R’ Root