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Table 1 Mutations analyzed in this study. The numbering of the first seven mutation (M1-M7) is according to the previous study [14]

From: Unsupervised explainable AI for molecular evolutionary study of forty thousand SARS-CoV-2 genomes

Mutation Gene Protein AA change Nucleotide change Relation L S V G GH GR 1st appear
M1 5’UTR    5’UTR, -25C > U C241U     Ga GHa GRa Sichuan, 1/24
M2 ORF1ab Nsp3 F106 UAC > UAU C3037U     Ga GHa GRa Sichuan & Zhejiang, 1/24
M3 ORF1ab RNA-dependent RNA polymerase P323L CCU > CUU C14408U     Ga GHa GRa Zhejiang, 1/24
M4 S Surface glycoprotein D614G GAU > GGU A23403G     Ga GHa GRa Sichuan & Zhejiang, 1/24
M5 ORF3a ORF3a protein Q57H CAG > CAU G25563U      GHa   USA, 2/4
M6 ORF1ab Nsp2 T85I ACC > AUC C1059U      GHi   USA, 2/4
M7 N Nucleocapsid phosphoprotein RG203_204KR AGGGGA > AAACGA GGG28881AAC       GRa England, 2/16
M8 ORF1ab 3’-to-5’ exonuclease L280L CUA > UUA C18877U      GHiip   Canada, 2/28
M9 ORF1ab Nsp6 L37F UUG > UUU G11083U    Va     Yuuan, 1/17
M10 ORF8 ORF8 protein L84S UUA > UCA U28144C   Sa      Wuhan, 1/5
M11 ORF1ab Nsp4 S76S AGC > AGU C8782U   Sa      Wuhan, 1/5
M12 ORF1ab RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Y55Y UAC > UAU C14805U   Sp Vi     England, 2/9
M13 N Nucleocapsid phosphoprotein S194L UCA > UUA C28854U Liip    Gp GHiip   Hong Kong, 2/2
N1 S Surface glycoprotein P1140 CT24981NN CCUU > CNNU     Gp   GRp USA, 3/7
M0 ORF3a ORF3a protein G251V GGU > GUU (G26144U)        
  1. N1 is not a mutation
  2. 1st appear shows the first strain appeared in GISAID