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Table 2 Species-specific representation of number of IFN-γ inducing peptides/epitopes

From: A comprehensive study of epitopes and immune reactivity among Plasmodium species

Epitopes Plasmodium Species Name No. of IFN-γ inducing peptides
B cell epitopes Plasmodium falciparum 1386
Plasmodium vivax 187
Plasmodium berghei 17
Plasmodium yoelii 30
T cell epitopes Plasmodium falciparum 622
Plasmodium vivax 84
Plasmodium berghei 48
Plasmodium yoelii 44
MHC I/II binders Plasmodium falciparum 237
Plasmodium vivax 82
Plasmodium berghei 29
Plasmodium yoelii 9