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Table 1 Source of Trichoderma isolates

From: A novel salt-tolerant strain Trichoderma atroviride HN082102.1 isolated from marine habitat alleviates salt stress and diminishes cucumber root rot caused by Fusarium oxysporum

Sample Location Strain code tef1a
algae Dongfang City, Hainan Province HN082102.1, HN082102.2 MW133238, MW133239
sea muds Dongfang City, Hainan Province HN082104.1, HN082104.2, HN082105.1, HN082105.2, HN082106.1, HN082106.2 MW133240, MW133241, MW133242, MW133243, MW133244, MW133245
sea muds Sanya City, Hainan Province HN082108.2, HN082108.3, HN082108.4, HN082212.1, HN082213.1, HN082213.2, HN082213.3, HN082213.4, HN082213.5, HN082216.1 MW133246, MW133247 MW133248, MW133249, MW133250, MW133251, MW133252, MW133253, MW133254, MW133255
sea muds Lingao City, Hainan Province HN082323.1, HN082325.1, HN082328, HN083003.1, HN083107.1, HN083110.1, HN083111.1, HN090114.2, HN090118.1 MW133256, MW133257, MW133258, MW133259, MW133260, MW133261, MW133262, MW133263, MW133264
  1. aGenBank accession numbers for translation elongation factor 1-alpha gene (tef1) partial sequence