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Table 1 Proteins with significant changes in abundance from cell pellet (cellular proteome) and supernatant (secretome) profiling of C. neoformans H99 under zinc-limited and -replete conditions

From: Proteome and secretome profiling of zinc availability in Cryptococcus neoformans identifies Wos2 as a subtle influencer of fungal virulence determinants

     Difference (log2)b
  Gene namea Protein name Function Limited Replete
Cellular proteome     
  CNAG_00895 Solute carrier family 39 Transport 5.84  
  CNAG_01290 Uncharacterized protein Uncharacterized   6.00
  CNAG_02548 Cobalamin synthesis protein Biosynthesis 7.69  
  CNAG_03127 Small subunit ribosomal protein S23 Translation   5.63
  CNAG_00483 Actin Structure 4.26  
  CNAG_03891 Hsp60-like protein Protein refolding   2.12
  CNAG_04448 Ribosomal protein L19 Translation   1.12
  CNAG_04640 ATP-citrate synthase Biosynthesis 1.17  
  CNAG_07558 CS domain-containing protein (Wos2) Uncharacterized   1.21
  1. aProteins presented according to numerical order of gene identifiers (i.e., CNAG number)
  2. bValues presented as positive relative to each comparison