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Table 1 Component biomass and total biomass of cotton plants as affected by salt and alkali stresses in a calcareous desert soil

From: Saline and alkaline stresses alter soil properties and composition and structure of gene-based nitrifier and denitrifier communities in a calcareous desert soil

Treatments Biomass (g/plant)
Leaves Stems roots Total
CK 7.15 a 7.61 a 3.72 a 18.48 a
CS 3.75 b 2.61 d 2.52 b 8.88 c
SS 3.80 b 3.74 b 2.12 c 9.66 b
AS 2.85 c 3.24 c 2.56 b 8.65 c
  1. CK, control treatment without salt or alkali stress; CS, NaCl stress treatment; SS, Na2SO4 stress treatment; and AS, Na2CO3 + NaHCO3 stress treatment. Different lowercase letters in the same column indicate significant differences among treatments (P < 0.05)