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Table 2 Amino acid sequence similarities of the chitinase gene of rhizobacteria with their activity and 3D structures in the PDB protein data bank

From: Diversity of culturable bacteria endowed with antifungal metabolites biosynthetic characteristics associated with tea rhizosphere soil of Assam, India

Strain Code GenBank accession no. PDB Top blast match Similarity (%) Gene Name PDB ID Activity Structure Reference
HK26 KY172957 Serratia marcescens 99% ChiA 1RD6 Serratia marcescens chiA serves during chitin hydrolysis Aronson et al., 2006 [3]
HK28 KY172958
HK32 KY172959
HK21 KY172956
TG1 KY273607
HK17 KY112753
HK36 KY288868
KH49 KY172960
SN18 KY27360 Bacillus thuringiensis 100% ChiA74 6BT9 TIM-barrel/CID catalytic domain of ChiA74 of Bacillus thuringiensis harbors the conserved motif in most family 18 chitinase involved in chitin hydrolysis Juárez-Hernández et al., 2019 [18]
TG24 KY273608
SN25 KY273606
TT19 KY312499