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Table 1 Strategy for selection of eligible articles

From: Analysis of the assessment of antimicrobial susceptibility. Non-typhoid Salmonella in meat and meat products as model (systematic review)

Selection strategy No. Articles (%)
1. All records identified through the search 3802
 Articles duplicated in the searching process 2661/3802 (70%)
2. Number of preselected articles 1141/3802 (30%)
 Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  The article title is not related to the topic of interest 857
  The language of the article is different from English or Spanish 10
  The article was not original 36
  The publication of the article is out of the period 1996–2019 10
  The origin of the sample is not clear 110
  The technique used is not disk diffusion or MIC 3
  The authors did not describe the breakpoints used in the article 13
  The authors did not describe the correlation between serovar and antimicrobial resistance 54
3. Total of articles removed under the inclusion and exclusion criteria 1093/1141 (96%)
4. Total of articles selected 48/1141(4%)