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Table 3 Menaquinone (MK) components from type strains as extracted by the lysozyme-chloroform-methanol (LCM) method and the Collins method, as well as those previously reported in the literature. Low-concentration MKs (< 10%) are shown in parentheses

From: A rapid and efficient method for the extraction and identification of menaquinones from Actinomycetes in wet biomass

Strains LCM method Collins method Reported menaquinones
Brachybacterium squillarum JCM 16464T (MK-6), MK-7, (MK-8) (MK-6), MK-7, (MK-8) MK-7
Brevibacterium linens JCM 1327T (MK-7), MK-8, (MK-9) (MK-7), MK-8, (MK-9) MK-8
Chryseoglobus frigidaquae JCM 14730T (MK-11), MK-12, MK-13, MK-14 (MK-11), MK-12, MK-13, MK-14 MK-12, MK-13, MK-14
Georgenia subflava Y32T (MK-6), MK-7, (MK-8) (MK-6), MK-7, (MK-8) MK-7, MK-8
Janibacter melonis JCM 16063T (MK-7), MK-8 (MK-7), MK-8 MK-8
Microbacterium yannicii JCM 18959T (MK-11), MK-12, MK-13, MK-14 (MK-11), MK-12, MK-13, (MK-14) MK-11, MK-12, MK-13
Microbacterium ginsengiterrae JCM 15516T (MK-11), MK-12, MK-13, (MK-14) MK-12, MK-13 MK-12, MK-13
Microbacterium ureisolvens
CFH S00084T
(MK-11), MK-12, MK-13, (MK-14) MK-12, MK-13 MK-11, MK-12, MK-13
Microbacterium hibisci
CCTCC AB 2016180T
(MK-11), MK-12, MK-13, (MK-14) (MK11), MK-12, MK-13, (MK-14) MK-12, MK-13
Nesterenkonia halobia JCM 15475T MK-7, MK-8, MK-9 MK-7, MK-8, MK-9 MK-8, MK-9
Saccharopolyspora coralli E2AT MK-9 (H2, H4) MK-9 (H2, H4) MK-9
Yonghaparkia alkaliphile JCM 15138T MK-11, MK-12, MK-13 MK-11, MK-12, MK-13 MK-12
Streptomyces indicus MCCC 1A03308T MK-9 (H4, H6, H8) MK-9 (H4, H6, H8) MK-9 (H4, H6, H8)