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Table 1 Determinants of dye degradation obtained from whole genome sequencing of organisms isolated from various sources

From: Genome analysis to decipher syntrophy in the bacterial consortium ‘SCP’ for azo dye degradation

Isolate and accession number Source Dye degradation Proteins/genes for dye degradation identified from genome analysis Reference
Novibacillus thermophilus SG-1
Isolated from saline soil collected from Guangdong Province, China Anaerobically decolorized azo dye, Orange I at high temperature Riboflavin biosynthesis protein [1]
Bacillus endophyticus 2102
Isolated form a hypersaline pond located in South Korea Not available Several flavin dependent NADH azo-reductase, NADPH dependent azoreductase [17]
Enterococcus sp. Strain C1
Isolated form a sewage oxidation pond in Malaysia Microaerophlic decolorization of amaranth dye (FMN)-dependent NADH azoreductase, copper amine oxidase, and sulfatase [18]
Citrobacter sp. strain A1
Co-isolated with Enterococcus sp. Strain C1 form a sewage oxidation pond Microaerophilic azo dye degradation followed by oxid-ative transformation of intermediates Flavin reductase;
Genes for deami-
Nation and desulfonation
Shewanella decolorationis S12
Isolated from waste water treatment plant of a textile-printing industry in China Variety of azo and anthroquinone dyes None [19, 20]
Bacillus subtilis C3
Isolated from a common effluent treatment plant (CETP) Microaerophlic degradation of various dyes Genes encoding for enzymes involved in azo reduction [21]
Serratia nematodiphila MB307
MTBJ01000001– MTBJ01000031
Isolated from rhizo-sphere of Cannabis sativa growing in the effluent-contaminated soil in Pakistan Degradation of sulphonated azo dyes viz., Methyl orange and Congo red 14 monooxygenases and 5 copies of dioxygenases [22]
Trichosporon akiyoshidainum HP-2023
Isolated from the rhizosphere of Cinnamomum porphyria Azo and anthraquinone dye decolorization under oxidation condition 4 heme-peroxidases, 33 CAZymes, 2 laccases, 19 H2O2-producing enz-ymes, 4 benzoquinone oxidoreductases [6]