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Table 1 Results of a Kruskal-Wallis test of the bacterial and fungal community composition in the fruiting body and microhabitat soil samples. H is the statistical parameter for Kruskal-Wallis tests. The P-values are based on the Shannon diversity and Evenness indexes computed from the OTU tables. The bold values indicate statistically significant results

From: Endogenous bacteria inhabiting the Ophiocordyceps highlandensis during fruiting body development

  Bacteria Fungi
H P-value H P-value
Fruiting Body Shannon diversity 26.910 < 0.01 6.918 0.227
Evenness 27.933 < 0.01 7.055 0.217
Microhabitat Soil Shannon diversity 8.07 0.152 6.907 0.228
Evenness 9.440 0.093 7.601 0.180