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Table 5 WhiB7 regulon genes upregulated in M. chelonae double lysogens relative to the WT M. chelonae (McProf)

From: Increased whiB7 expression and antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium chelonae carrying two prophages

MCHa gene ID Predicted function log2 FCb FDRc MABd gene ID Predicted Function
BB28_RS19005 hypothetical protein 6.1 9.1E-18 MAB_3786c Hypothetical protein
BB28_RS23100 N-acetyltransferase 5.6 4.4E-38 MAB_4621c Putative acetyltransferase
BB28_RS23095 hypothetical protein 5.2 2.8E-35 MAB_4620c Hypothetical protein
BB28_RS17590 WhiB7 transcriptional regulator 4.7 1.3E-73 MAB_3508c Putative transcriptional regulator
BB28_RS05390 GNAT family N-acetyltransferase (eis1) 4.1 5.8E-12 MAB_1125c Hypothetical acetyltransferase, GNAT family
BB28_RS06460 NAD(P)-dependent oxidoreductase 3.4 1.2E-21 MAB_1344c Putative DTDP-glucose-4,6-dehydratase-related protein
BB28_RS11540 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein 3.3 3.5E-64 MAB_2355c Putative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
BB28_RS22650 GNAT family N-acetyltransferase (eis2) 3.3 1E-176 MAB_4532c N- acetyltransferase( eis2)
BB28_RS06750 tap multidrig efflux transporter 3.3 7.3E-35 MAB_1409c Putative drug antiporter protein precursor
BB28_RS13560 TetV Efflux Pump 3.3 9.8E-94 MAB_2780c TetV Efflux Pump
BB28_RS20470 pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase family protein 3.2 4.0E-29 MAB_4054c Hypothetical protein
BB28_RS17050 hypothetical protein 3.2 5.1E-32 MAB_3424c hypothetical protein
BB28_RS01940 N-acetyltransferase 3.0 2.9E-11 MAB_0404c Putative acetyltransferase
BB28_RS09285 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein 2.9 2.7E-07 MAB_1846 Putative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
BB28_RS12530 18 kDa antigen (HSP 16.7) 2.3 2.5E-31 MAB_3467c 18 kDa antigen (HSP 16.7)
BB28_RS03635 EamA/RhaT family transporter 2.0 1.4E-04 MAB_0766 Hypothetical conserved integral membrane protein
BB28_RS18890 membrane protein 1.8 1.9E-17 MAB_3762 hypothetical protein
BB28_RS17595 hypothetical protein 1.8 3.6E-41 MAB_3509c Hypothetical protein
BB28_RS06440 TIGR00730 family Rossman fold protein 1.6 2.7E-08 MAB_1340 hypothetical protein
BB28_RS13900 methyltransferase domain-containing protein 1.6 1.6E-13 MAB_2845 Probable trans-aconitate methyltransferase
BB28_RS05350 hypothetical protein 1.6 2.2E-27 MAB_1117c Hypothetical protein
BB28_RS14985 GTPase HflX 1.5 8.4E-33 MAB_3042c Probable GTP-binding protein HflX
BB28_RS20665 isocitrate lyase (AceA) 1.5 3.9E-12 MAB_4095c Isocitrate lyase (AceA)
BB28_RS06230 hypothetical protein 1.5 2.7E-03 MAB_1296 hypothetical protein
BB28_RS06840 hypothetical protein 1.5 1.1E-05 MAB_1413 hypothetical protein
BB28_RS00915 cation transporter 1.5 4.6E-29 MAB_0183c Putative cation transporter
BB28_RS19745 LysE family translocator 1.5 3.7E-07 MAB_3913 Putative translocator
BB28_RS06445 TIGR00730 family Rossman fold protein 1.4 2.1E-06 MAB_1341 hypothetical protein
BB28_RS12685 aminoglycoside phosphotransferase 1.1 1.6E-02 MAB_4837c Possible phosphotransferase
BB28_RS14560 GNAT family N-acetyltransferase 1.0 2.7E-17 MAB_2959 Putative acetyltransferase
  1. aMCH = Mycobacterium chlelonae
  2. bLog2 Fold Change for the double lysogen (+BPs+McProf) of M. chelonae
  3. cFDR = False Discovery Rate
  4. dMAB = Mycobacterium abscessus