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Table 5 Statistics of abundance of alfalfa silage microorganism KEGG pathway

From: The potential and effects of saline-alkali alfalfa microbiota under salt stress on the fermentation quality and microbial

Items M† CK‡_30 CK_60 T§_30 T_60
Biosynthesis of other secondary metabolites 144487ab 151372a 106654abc 92316bc 53808c
Amino acid metabolism 1734546ab 2025808a 1331435abc 1096366bc 648071c
Cellular processes and signaling 880958ab 1337523a 713491bc 496637bc 272306c
Glycan biosynthesis and metabolism 429512ab 574628a 329849bc 254812bc 150012c
Enzyme families 366165ab 513575a 311147bc 237307bc 147550c
Carbohydrate metabolism 1827729ab 2595879a 1708199ab 1366396b 878991b
Metabolism of other amino acids 334661ab 422054a 274368abc 222434bc 135539c
Signaling molecules and interaction 22710a 19672a 28117a 31392a 30907a
Xenobiotics biodegradation and metabolism 501238a 522642a 384554ab 345977ab 204920b
Environmental adaptation 25369a 26743a 18606ab 13691b 8913b
  1. M Pre-ensiled alfalfa
  2. CK Control (no addition)
  3. §T Treatment (with addition)
  4. Values within the same row under the same ensiling days with different superscripts in lowercase letters differ significantly from each other at P < 0.05