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Table 1 Characteristics of sequenced isolates of S. Typhimurium from 2015 outbreak

From: Characterisation of IncI1 plasmids associated with change of phage type in isolates of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Isolate ID Source Euro MLVAb Phage Type Isolation Date Accession number
P024_15 Door handle 2–10-10-11-0212 135a 5/01/2015 ERR4159265
P212_15 Raw chicken 2–10-10-11-0212 U307 13/01/2015 ERS2213021
P581_15 Eggs 2–10-10-11-0212 U307 6/02/2015 ERR4159266
P216_15 Drag swab 2–10-9-11-0212 U307 14/01/2015 ERR4159267
15ST00430 Faeces 2–10-10-11-0212 135a 7/01/2015 ERR4159260
15ST00542 Faeces 2–10-10-11-0212 U307 10/01/2015 ERR4159261
15ST00840 Faeces 2–10-9-11-0212 U307 14/01/2015 ERR4159262
15ST01671 Faeces 2–10-10-12-0212 U307 27/01/2015 ERR4159263
15ST010303a Faeces 2–10-10-12-0212 135a 13/11/2015 ERR4159264
  1. aOutlier bThe European MLVA coding system