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Table 2 DEGs related to quorum sensing, chemotaxis, and biofilm formation in P. polymyxa SC2

From: Interactional mechanisms of Paenibacillus polymyxa SC2 and pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) suggested by transcriptomics

  Gene Product name log2FC(SH/S)
PPSC2_02180 peptide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein oppF1 2.61
PPSC2_02185 peptide ABC transporter permease oppB1 4.2
PPSC2_02190 peptide ABC transporter permease oppC1 3.94
PPSC2_02195 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein oppA1 4.92
PPSC2_05715 peptide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein   2.65
PPSC2_05720 transports peptides consisting of two or three amino acids dppB 2.71
PPSC2_05725 peptide ABC transporter permease oppC3 2.31
PPSC2_10965 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein oppA5 2.11
PPSC2_10970 diguanylate cyclase oppB5 2.2
PPSC2_10975 peptide ABC transporter permease oppC5 2.85
PPSC2_10980 peptide ABC transporter ATPase oppD3 2.88
PPSC2_10985 peptide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein oppF3 2.58
PPSC2_13025 nickel transporter permease NikC dppC3 2.23
PPSC2_24700 ABC transporter ATPase oppD7 2.07
PPSC2_25400 peptide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein oppF9 2.94
PPSC2_25405 peptide ABC transporter ATPase oppD9 3.6
PPSC2_25410 peptide ABC transporter permease oppC9 3.35
PPSC2_25415 diguanylate cyclase oppB9 3.26
PPSC2_25420 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein dbp 2.91
Chemotaxis PPSC2_08335 chemotaxis protein AER aer 3.25
PPSC2_18805 chemotaxis protein   −4.65
PPSC2_09975 histidine kinase CheA cheA 2.11
PPSC2_09985 cheC cheC 1.71
PPSC2_09990 chemotaxis protein CheD cheD 1.49
PPSC2_14595 chemotaxis protein CheR cheR3 2.73
PPSC2_21235 chemotaxis protein CheR cheR5 −2.53
PPSC2_09980 coupling protein CheW cheW 2.04
PPSC2_09970 effector protein CheY cheY 2.26
PPSC2_09915 flagellar motor switch protein FliM fliM 2.16
PPSC2_09920 flagellar motor switch protein FliN fliN 2.16
Biofilm formation PPSC2_00125 AbrB family transcriptional regulator abrB −3.06
PPSC2_23095 Transcriptional regulatory protein DegU degU 2.02
PPSC2_05800 tyrosine protein kinase epsB 6.69
PPSC2_05810 multidrug MFS transporter epsE 6.25
PPSC2_25275 transcriptional regulator sinR −1.2
PPSC2_03845 histidine kinase kinA 2.34
PPSC2_03710 Regulator Abh abh 2.74