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Table 2 Stress-related proteins of L. taiwanensis CLG01

From: Complete genome sequencing of Peyer’s patches-derived Lactobacillus taiwanensis CLG01, a potential probiotic with antibacterial and immunomodulatory activity

Stress factors Stress-related proteins Locus tag
Temperature Molecular chaperone DnaJ H1A07_03770
Molecular chaperone DnaK H1A07_03765
Molecular chaperone HtpX H1A07_00400
Molecular chaperone HslO H1A07_01505
Chaperonin GroEL H1A07_02245
Co-chaperone GroES H1A07_02240
pH Sodium-proton antiporter H1A07_00580
F0F1-ATP synthase H1A07_05945, H1A07_05950,
H1A07_05955, H1A07_05960,
H1A07_05970, H1A07_05975,
H1A07_05975, H1A07_05980
Bile salt Linear amide C-N hydrolase H1A07_00295
Oxidative stress Lactate oxidase H1A07_09050
Thiol peroxidase H1A07_04795
Thioredoxin H1A07_02340
Pyruvate oxidase H1A07_09225