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Table 1 The physicochemical properties of different soil samples

From: Effects of continuous cropping of sweet potatoes on the bacterial community structure in rhizospheric soil

Sample Ca (g kg-1) B (mg kg-1) Fe (mg kg-1) Mn (mg kg-1) Zn (mg kg-1) pH
X18-1 0.34±0.01c 0.77±0.07a 4.64±0.67c 2.60±0.28a 1.65±0.13d 8.57±0.06a
X18-2 0.35±0.01c 0.71±0.08ab 5.86±0.30a 2.54±0.06a 1.96±0.01c 8.60±0.00a
X18-3 0.45±0.01b 0.61±0.06b 4.78±0.16bc 1.75±0.07b 2.58±0.09a 8.33±0.06b
X18-4 0.45±0.00ab 0.63±0.05b 4.77±0.01bc 1.85±0.05b 2.54±0.02a 8.50±0.10a
Y138-1 0.34±0.02c 0.78±0.05a 4.52±0.24c 2.56±0.01a 1.73±0.06d 8.57±0.06a
Y138-2 0.36±0.01c 0.69±0.04ab 5.31±0.53ab 2.71±0.26a 1.66±0.17d 8.60±0.00a
Y138-3 0.47±0.02a 0.69±0.08ab 4.70±0.18bc 1.76±0.12b 2.48±0.00a 8.30±0.00b
Y138-4 0.46±0.01ab 0.72±0.09ab 4.41±0.03c 1.87±0.04b 2.17±0.03b 8.53±0.06a
  1. Values are mean±standard deviation of triplicate determinations. Different letters in the same column indicate significant differences of the same sweet potato variaties at different sampling times at a level of P<0.05 using Duncan’s multiple range tests; Ca:available calcium; B: available boron; Fe: available iron; Mn : available Manganese; Zn: available zinc. X18: Xushu 18; Y138:Yizi 138; 1 and 2 represent sampling of early planting and early harvest in 2015; 3 and 4 represent sampling of early planting and early harvest in 2016, respectively