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Table 1 MinION™ sequencing statistics for the mock community sample

From: Full-length 16S rRNA gene amplicon analysis of human gut microbiota using MinION™ nanopore sequencing confers species-level resolution

Primers Pass reads Trimmed reads Filtered reads
No. of reads Min (bp) Avg (bp) Max (bp) No. of reads Avg (bp) No. of reads Avg (bp) Q score
V1-V9 8651 237 1497 3292 8455 1367.1 6972
1473 9.0
V3-V4 101,372 180 585.7 1977 99,937 451.8 96,189
454.9 9.2
  1. Min: minimum read length, Avg: average read length, Max: maximum read length, Q score: average Phred quality score. The percentage of reads retained after size filtering is shown in parentheses