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Table 1 Significantly different proteins identified in the cellular proteome of K. pneumoniae relative to zinc replete conditions

From: Zinc limitation in Klebsiella pneumoniae profiled by quantitative proteomics influences transcriptional regulation and cation transporter-associated capsule production

Protein IDs Fold difference Gene names Protein names
A6TFX2 −5.522 ilvN Acetolactate synthase small subunit
A6T7W1 −3.923 KPN78578_12210 PKHD-type hydroxylase
A6THZ7 3.587 deoA Thymidine phosphorylase
A6TGG0 3.783 ilvY Positive regulator for ilvC
A6TFL0 3.945 yibQ Uncharacterized protein
A6T709 4.210 KPN78578_09190 UPF0434 protein
A6T7L3 4.406 yciE Uncharacterized protein
A6TBM1 4.507 yohC Putative transport protein
A6THH0 5.221 treR Trehalose repressor
A6T810 5.363 pspB Phage shock protein B
A6TAN3 5.442 chaB Cation transport regulator
A6T811 5.691 pspC Phage shock protein
A6TI69 5.862 KPN_pKPN3p05911 Uncharacterized protein
A6TC61 6.434 cysU Sulfate, thiosulfate transport system permease T protein
A6T9K1 7.243 KPN_01841 Uncharacterized protein
A6TF61 7.816 yhhA Uncharacterized protein
A6TAE9 12.359 KPN_02142 Uncharacterized protein
A6T769 13.369 acyP Acylphosphatase
A6T6K9 13.487 hutC Histidine utilization repressor