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Table 2 Types of mismatches among primer sites meeting the screening criteria

From: Design of targeted primers based on 16S rRNA sequences in meta-transcriptomic datasets and identification of a novel taxonomic group in the Asgard archaea

Primer OTU Mismatch type OTU size SILVA_Tax NCBI_Tax
8F OTU1 ==G==A====A========= 49 Unclassified Planctomycete
OTU2 ==G==A====A========= 33 Unclassified Planctomycete
OTU3 ==G==A====A========= 34 Unclassified Planctomycete
OTU4 ==G==A====A=C======= 11 Unclassified Planctomycete
OTU5 ==G==A=====T======== 10 Unclassified Planctomycete
OTU6 ==G==A====A=C======= 10 Unclassified Planctomycete
Arch21F OTU7 C==T=============A== 69 Unclassified Crenoarchaeota
OTU8 (Type B) =====T=C=======A==== 25 Unclassified Unclassified
OTU9 =A=T=============A== 24 Unclassified Euryarchaeota
OTU10 C===A===========T=== 10 Unclassified Euryarchaeota
OTU11 (Type A) C==TA===========TA== 12 Unclassified Unclassified
  1. Evaluation of universal primers for mudflat meta-transcriptomic SSU rRNA sequences [26]. Screening criteria: the sequences of this OTU are taxonomically unclassified at the domain or/and phylum level, primer-binding regions in each sequence of this OTU are complete and the mismatched bases with the universal primer ≥3, and the sequence number in the OTU ≥10. OTUs identified in unclassified phyla with both SILVA_123 and NCBI BLAST are shown in boldface