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Table 1 Summary of the evaluation of universal primers for meta-transcriptomic data of mudflat sediments [26], using MIPE

From: Design of targeted primers based on 16S rRNA sequences in meta-transcriptomic datasets and identification of a novel taxonomic group in the Asgard archaea

Domain Primer Incompletenessa Completeness
    matchingb mismatching
     No. mismatch = 1, 2 No. mismatch ≥3
Bacteria 8F 9603 452,840 12,664 894
Archaea Arch21F 45 2060 1695 585
Unclassified Arch21F 187 31 10 34
  1. a Number of reads that only contain incomplete binding sites for primers 8F or Arch21F
  2. b Reads completely matched with the primer or only contain 1 mismatch not at the last four nucleotides of the primer were considered matching; others, mismatching