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Table 6 Intra-core zOTUs that were not previously found in bottlenose dolphins, their taxonomic affiliation, source, average relative abundance across dolphins and Genbank accession number, present across weeks 6, 11, 19 and 28 in 11 dolphins

From: Highly abundant core taxa in the blow within and across captive bottlenose dolphins provide evidence for a temporally stable airway microbiota

zOTU no. Taxonomic affiliation Environment of most similar sequences Genbank accession
Zotu0001 Microbacteriaceae Human urinary tract CP054831.1
Zotu0025 Staphylococcaceae Human urinary tract CP054831.1
Zotu0033 Corynebacteriaceae Human skin KU689893.1
Zotu0056 Firmicutes Mineral hot springs JF917274.1
Zotu0065 Staphylococcus aureus Human blood HG795797.1
Zotu0072 Staphylococcus Frog skin HM330254.1
Zotu0079 Bacteroidetes California sea lion stomach KF067368.1
Zotu0138 Microbacterium esteraromaticum bioaerosol MG751356.1
Zotu0141 Betaproteobacterium hypersaline lake MG282144.1
Zotu0149 Microbacteriaceae wastewater GQ062150
Zotu0175 Leucobacter sp. soil GU235593.1
Zotu0180 Bacteria seawater MK129353.1
Zotu0210 Salinivibrio costicola Human skin JN683955.1
Zotu0221 Gammaproteobacteria Human skin JF153221.1
Zotu0223 Bacteriovoracaceae seawater JX294354.1
Zotu0237 Microbacteriaceae cheese rind LT698608.1
Zotu0259 Microbacteriaceae Wastewater treatment system LR640309.1
Zotu0279 Clostridia human skin JQ205124.1
Zotu0300 Leucobacter sp. human skin FN823848.1
Zotu0313 Okibacterium sp. soil GU235593.1
Zotu0335 Comamonadaceae soil EU681994.1
Zotu0355 Marine bacteria Human skin MG099642.1
Zotu0368 Vibrio sp. seawater MG705679.1
Zotu0377 Bacteriovoracaceae marine sediment GU235593.1
Zotu0385 Gracilibacteria bacterium oral taxon 873 wastewater GU235593.1
Zotu0417 Prevotella melaninogenica human oral cavity MK129353.1
Zotu0420 Bacteriovoracaceae human skin JN713493.1
Zotu0422 Gammaproteobacteria seawater JQ380127.2
Zotu0460 Vibrio California sea lion mouth EU137548.1
Zotu0491 Marine bacteria unknown CP014053.1
Zotu0508 SR1_genera_incertae_sedis Seawater HQ122382.1
Zotu0521 Vibrio sp. Dog gut KF571771.1
Zotu0570 Microbacterium esteraromaticum coral CP032548.1
Zotu0590 Marine bacteria bioaerosol MK506675.1
Zotu0645 Marine bacteria seawater KU689893.1
Zotu0723 Vibrio sp. seawater HG795797.1
Zotu0763 Gracilibacteria bacterium canine oral taxon 323 marine sediment HM330254.1
Zotu0835 Bacteria dog’s oral cavity KF067368.1
Zotu0954 Bacteria coral JF087814.1
Zotu0959 Bacteriovoracaceae prairie dog flea MG751356.1
Zotu1083 Vibrio alginolyticus Seawater KU689893.1
Zotu1157 Escherichia coli Seawater MG282144.1
Zotu1214 Bacteroidetes human feces JF087814.1
Zotu1449 Marine bacteria Seawater GQ062150
Zotu1620 Methylophaga Seawater GU235593.1
Zotu1639 Marine bacteria fresh water fish KF571771.1
Zotu1644 Tenacibaculum sp. DSM 106434 Seawater GU235593.1
Zotu1840 Staphylococcus fish skin MK129353.1
Zotu1968 Gammaproteobacteria Human skin CP054831.1
Zotu2070 Staphylococcus frog skin JN683955.1
Zotu2659 Corynebacteriaceae human skin HM330254.1