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Table 2 Sex, age, pool system the dolphins were kept in and antimicrobial (AB) treatment (Y=Yes, N=No)

From: Highly abundant core taxa in the blow within and across captive bottlenose dolphins provide evidence for a temporally stable airway microbiota

Dolphin ID Sex Year of birth Age level Pool system AB treatment
Coen M 1995 2 Dolphin Beach/ Dolphin Bay N
Evie F 2008 1 Dolphin Beach N
Gemma F 1988 3 Dolphin Beach Y
Howie M unknown unknown Endeavour Y
Kiama M 2003 2 Dolphin Beach N
Moki F unknown unknown Dolphin Beach N
Nudgee M unknown unknown Endeadvour/QVC Y
RB M 1990 3 Dolphin Bay N
Scooter F 1983 4 Dolphin Bay N
Sirius M 1979 4 Dolphin Beach N
Squeak F 1979 4 Dolphin Beach N
Starbuck M 1998 2 Dolphin Beach/ Dolphin Bay N
Stella F 2013 1 Dolphin Beach Y
  1. Ten dolphins stayed in the same pool for the entire sampling period. Three dolphins were moved between two pools at least once. We assigned four different age levels: 1: 0–10 years, 2: 11–20 years, 3: 21–30 years, 4: 31–40 years