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Table 3 The key infection-related genes were not categorized as DEGs but detected by the SPD algorithm

From: The identification of co-expressed gene modules in Streptococcus pneumonia from colonization to infection to predict novel potential virulence genes

SPD Modules Gene name Role in the infection process Reference (s)
14 (Nasopharynx, lung) SP_0054 Early response gene in human lung epithelial cells [8]
SP_0274 Essential gene in lung infection [17]
SP_1460 Involved in iron starvation condition [16]
SP_1780 Essential gene in pulmonary infection [17]
17 (Nasopharynx, lung) SP_2176 Enriched in Two-component system which controls the virulence and bacterial resistance to oxidative stress [11, 12]
101(lung, blood) SP_1923 Vaccine candidate gene [19]
22 (lung, blood) SP_0215 Enriched in nitrogen compound metabolism and primary metabolic process which is dysregulated in copper resistance in Streptococcus pneumonia [18]
SP_1105 Enriched in the metabolic process of nitrogen compounds [18]
130 (blood, brain) SP_0739 Up-regulated in response to exposure to penicillin [23]
SP_1052 Contributes to virulence in mice [24]