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Table 1 Analysis of transcriptional level of selected genes coding for proteins up and down-regulated in S. lugdunensis cultivated in BHI with DIP versus grown in BHI

From: Phenotypic and proteomic approaches of the response to iron-limited condition in Staphylococcus lugdunensis

Protein Gene Proteomic fold-changea Transcriptomic fold-change Transcriptomic p-value
Iron-regulated Surface Determinant J isdJ 8.74 183.64 7.50e-04
Iron-regulated Surface Determinant B isdB 8.18 240.73 3.19e-05
Iron-siderophore ABC transporter sirA 7.31 21.24 3.40e-03
Transferin-binding protein SLUG_14730 7.08 45.84 1.78e-05
Siderophore ABC transporter sstD 7.06 95.74 4.02e-05
Catalase katA -3.83 -6.35 6e-04
Nitrate reductase subunit alpha narG -4.65 -1.96 3.81e-02
Formate dehydrogenase subunit alpha SLUG_07190 -5.04 -2.23 7.24e-03
NAD(P)/FAD-dependent oxidoreductase nasD -6.04 -2.21 1.12e-02
  1. afrom Table S1