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Table 1 Comparison of predicted M. acetivorans IscS and IscU

From: Methanosarcina acetivorans contains a functional ISC system for iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis

Canonical Protein (kDa) Functional motif(s) or residues M. acetivorans homolog Gene ID: Percent identity to E. coli IscS/U Motif or residues in corresponding M. acetivorans protein
E. coli IscS (45.1 kDa) 323-SSGSACTS-330a IscS1: MA0808d (42.2 kDa) MA_RS04215 43 318-STGSACFS-325
   IscS2: MA2718d (43.3 kDa) MA_RS14225 48 232-STGSACNS-330
   IscS3: MA3264 (43.6 kDa) MA_RS17030 48 317-STGSACSS-324
E. coli IscU (13.8 kDa) C37, D39, C63, C106b
IscU1: MA0807 (24.2 kDa) MA_RS04210 50 C45, D47, C72, C116
   IscU2: MA2717d (13.9 kDa) MA_RS14220 54 C34, D36, C59, C103
   IscU3: MA3265 (14.0 kDa) MA_RS17035 50 H32, D34, C57, C101
  1. a Cysteine desulfurase active site motif
  2. b Residues critical for Fe-S cluster binding and transfer
  3. c Residues critical for interaction with the HscA chaperone
  4. d Detected in M. acetivorans proteome (see text)