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Table 2 Mutations in the capsule synthesis cluster detected in non-mucoid variants

From: Diversity of mucoid to non-mucoid switch among carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae

Strain NM Variant Gene Mutationa, b
CNR128G5 NM1 wza ISKpn25 (pos 382)
  NM2 wzc IS903b (pos 2036)
  NM3 wzc G1699T (D567Y)
  NM4c wzy ISKpn25 (pos 319)
  NM5 wckM Δ4 bp (AAAC) (pos 729); (*)
  NM6 wcuQ ISKpn25 (pos 332)
  NM7 wcuD ΔA (pos 38); (*)
  NM8 wcuD ISKpn25 (pos 1073)
  NM9 KL122_00012 ISKpn25 (pos 796)
  NM10 wcaJ insAAd (pos 744); (*)
  NM11 wcaJ IS1-like e (pos 840)
CNR152A1 NM1 wzc ISKpn26 (pos 738)
  NM2c wcaJ IS903b (pos 602)
  NM3 wcaJ T389A (I130N); G452C (G151A)
  NM4 wcoT IS903b (pos 866)
  NM5 wcsF IS903b (pos 1126)
  NM6 wcsF G118T; (*)
  NM7 wcoU insAd (pos 811); (*)
CNR105A6 NM1 wza IS1-like (pos 998)
  NM2 wza IS1-like (pos 998)
  NM3 wzc IS903b (pos 2073)
  NM4c wzc IS1-like (pos 542)
  NM5 wbaP (wcaJ) IS903b (pos 699)
  NM6 wbaP (wcaJ) IS1-like (pos 316)
  NM7 wbaP (wcaJ) T997G (S333A)
  NM8 wcaN Δ18bp (pos 190–208); (*)
  NM9 wcaN IS1-like (pos 358)
  NM10 wcaN IS1-like (pos 358)
  NM11 wcaN C79A (V27L)
KPA28006 NM1c wzc IS903b (pos 715)
  NM2 wzc IS1-like (pos 244)
  NM3 wzc IS1-like (pos 2146)
  NM4 wzy ΔC (pos 274); (*)
  NM5 wzy ΔC (pos 274); (*)
  NM6 wcsM ΔA (pos 339); (*)
  NM7 wcaJ ΔA (pos 1279); (*)
  NM8 wzx ΔA (pos 422); (*)
  NM9 wza A278T (L93Q)
KPA28008 NM1 wzc IS1-like (pos 950)
  NM2 wzy IS1-like (pos 319)
  NM3 wcsM IS903b (pos 505)
  NM4c wzx IS1-like (pos 342)
  NM5 wcsH IS1-like (pos 605)
  NM6 wcsH IS1-like (pos 914)
CNR149J2 NM1 wzb C447A (*)
  NM2 wzc T345A (*)
  NM3c wzc Δ11bp (pos 635); (*)
  NM4 wzc G787C (A263P)
  NM5 wcaJ IS1-like (pos 905)
  NM6 wcaJ T1145G (L382R)
  NM7 wcaJ A111T (*)
  NM8 wcpB IS1-like (pos 347)
  NM9 wzy ISKox3 (pos 591)
  NM10 wzb T68G (L23R)
CNR137J2 NM1 wzc IS903b (pos 209)
  NM2 wzc IS1-like (pos 760)
  NM3 wbaP (wcaJ) IS1-like (pos 616)
  NM4 wbaP (wcaJ) IS1-like (pos 1312)
  NM5 wbaP (wcaJ) IS1-like (pos 247)
  NM6c wbaP (wcaJ) IS1-like (pos 888)
  NM7 wbbD IS1-like (pos 319)
  NM8 wbbD IS1-like (pos 284)
KP1 NM1 wzc IS1-like (pos 469)
  NM2 wzy T736C (S246P)
  NM3 wzy ΔT (pos 864); (*)
  NM4 wzy ΔT (pos 864); (*)
  NM5 wzy ΔT (pos 857); (*)
  NM6c wzy ΔT (pos 864); (*)
  NM7 wzy ΔT (pos 864); (*)
  NM8 wzy ΔT (pos 864); (*)
  NM9 wcaJ A31T; (*)
  NM10 wckU ΔA (pos 16); (*)
  1. aIn parentheses are indicated: for point mutations, the amino acid change and for other mutations, the position in the gene, b the star indicates either a non-sense mutation or a frameshift c; NM variant selected for in depth phenotypic analysis (in bold); d Ins for insertion; eIS1-like correspond to IS1R, IS1SD, IS1F, ISKpn14 and closely related ISs