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Table 4 Number of positive test portions out of 20 test portions generated with Letheen broth stored at RT, Letheen broth and D/E broth stored at 4 °C before sample collection when the initial inoculation level was ~ 800 CFU/square and 400 ppm of Whisper™ V was applied to Lm cells before sampling

From: Comparison of three neutralizing broths for environmental sampling of low levels of Listeria monocytogenes desiccated on stainless steel surfaces and exposed to quaternary ammonium compounds

Storage condition between sample collection and analysis

Number of positive test portions collected using neutralizing broths stored under different conditions before usea

Letheen at RT

Letheen at 4 °C

D/E at 4 °C

2 h at RT (p = 1)a




72 h at 4 °C (p = 0.25)




  1. aExtended Fisher’s exact tests for each row among different enrichment broths