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Table 3 Phytopathogenic activity, of fungal isolates showing cortex browning or vascular tissue browning, using excised shoot assays 28 days after inoculation based on tissues browning

From: Identification of fungi in Tunisian olive orchards: characterization and biological control potential

Fungal isolates displaying phytopathogenic activity Phytopathogenic activity
Cortex Browning Vascular Tissues Browning
Penicillium crustosum F14 +
Penicillium polonicum F34 +
Aspergillus nidulans F23 +
Aspergillus ochraceus F21 +
Aspergillus ochraceus F57 +
Aspergillus terreus F58 +
Aspergillus ustus F22 +
Alternaria consortialis F10 +
Alternaria consortialis F50 +