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Table 3 Phylogenetic affiliations of cultivable fungi isolated from natural O.sinensis

From: Uncovering fungal community composition in natural habitat of Ophiocordyceps sinensis using high-throughput sequencing and culture-dependent approaches

Order Isolates number Closest identified relative Accessionnumber Identity (%)%
Ascomycota TY105 Valsa leucostoma KF294008 99
TY110 Leptosphaeria sclerotioides strain IHBF 2251 MF326616 100
TY112 Truncatella angustata strain SH9KPN KT963797 100
TY114 Cladosporium sp. CLJ-7 LC373150 100
TY127 Trichoderma polysporum isolate CTCCSJ-F-ZY40741 KY750323 100
TY128 Trichoderma polysporum isolate TR3.3 KX343127 100
TY129 Stagonosporopsis astragali strain AS1S2–1 KP117286 100
TY135 Dactylonectria hordeicola isolate EFA 443 MF440368 100
TY137 Trichocladium opacum HF678530 100
TY138 Isaria farinosa strain IHBF 2244 MF326609 100
TY139 Chalara sp. TMS-2011 HQ630988 100
TY141 Leptodontidium sp. nc_besc_890f HG936157 99
TY147 Preussia sp. AU_CryP01 KC333159 99
TY149 Paraphaeosphaeria sporulosa isolate F08–02 KX664338 99
TY151 Isaria fumosorosea isolate FFJC 27 KF876832 99
TY152 Fusarium tricinctum strain WBS031 KU350740 100
TY154 Cladosporium sp. strain 2–3 KX378909 100
TY156 Paraphaeosphaeria sp. QTYC56 KM103298 98
TY162 Cephalosporium sp. PF1_NA_8 KT200264 97
TY165 Pseudogymnoascus sp. isolate UFMGCB 10326 MG001401 100
TY167 Tetracladium sp. P_S3 KP411581 99
TY175 Leptosphaeria sp. QLF95 FJ025183 100
TY182 Paraphaeosphaeria sp. QTYC50 KM103303 99
TY185 Cosmospora viridescens IMI 73377a NR_154791 95
TY187 Paecilomyces hepiali KX237743 99
JM16 Truncatella angustata strain C23RB1 KT582088 100
JM20 Neonectria ramulariae isolate F744 KM249079 99
JM22 Fusarium verticillioides strain NSH-5 KX853851 100
JM31 Trichoderma paraviridescens isolate CTCCSJ-G-JK40841 KY750503 100
JM35 Trichoderma polysporum isolate CTCCSJ-G-HB40843 KY750506 99
JM37 Chaetosphaeronema achilleae MFLUCC 16–0476 NR_153927 100
JM42 Tolypocladium cylindrosporum strain IHBF 2265 MF326612 100
JM45 Neonectria candida MG000969 100
JM46 Ilyonectria sp. strain P6011 KT270205 100
JM48 Neosetophoma sp. strain P1802 KT269074 99
JM51 Neonectria candida isolate VTN10Bs3 KU588183 99
JM57 Microdochium sp. 5/97–31 AM502258 100
JM60 Trichoderma viridescens voucher CTCCSJ-G-QT40323 MF928756 100
JM63 Fusarium tricinctum isolate SBR01 KX823410 99
JM64 Geomyces sp. AR-2009c GU166479 100
JM66 Trichoderma nybergianum CBS 122500 NR_134400 100
JM74 Leptosphaeria sp. QLF95 FJ025183 97
JM76 Tetracladium sp. P_S3_F KP411581 99
JM78 Cercophora sulphurella strain SMH2531 AY587913 97
JM84 Cladosporium cladosporiodies isolate IGFRIWE10 MF171065 100
JM100 Trichoderma polysporum isolate CTCCSJ-G-HB40843 KY750506.1 99
JM112 Hypocrea pachybasioides strain T-50 KC884807 100
JM114 Beauveria bassiana strain BLe-06 JX149538 100
JM117 Paraphaeosphaeria sporulosa isolate F08–02 KX664338 99
JM125 Helotiales sp. strain P2929 KT270126 99
JM126 Tolypocladium cylindrosporum AB208110 99
JM129 Helotiales sp. MKOTU39 KP714632 100
JM131 Pseudogymnoascus sp. APA-2015 KP902683 99
JM132 Cladosporium sp. CLJ-7 LC373150 100
JM137 Paecilomyces farinosus strain RCEF446 AF368797 99
JM139 Neonectria sp. CJL-2014 strain Rc-R-30 KJ542219 100
JM142 Lecythophora sp. NG_p46 HQ115712 99
JM143 Lecanicillium sp. strain UFSMQ06 KX496884 100
JM144 Beauveria bassiana strain BLe-06 JX149538 99
ZG_1 Ophiocordyceps sinensis isolate 1229 KC184161 99
Zygomycota TY100 Mortierella minutissima strain JZ-26 HQ637328 100
TY101 Mortierella sp. QLF53 FJ025192 100
TY103 Mortierella sp. HG935763 99
TY104 Mortierella alpina isolate QL-15 MF939657 100
TY113 Mortierella sp. isolate UFMGCB 10336 MG001402 100
TY117 Mortierella antarctica strain IHBF 2264 MF326600 100
JM1 Mucor hiemalis isolate 349Jc14 KU516636 100
JM11 Mortierella alpina isolate HG35 KU523253 99
JM15 Mortierella sp. T_S4 KP411583 100
JM25 Mortierella hyalina isolate FFJC 24 KF876828 97
JM30 Mortierella elongata strain IHBF 2303 MF326586 99
JM85 Mortierella sp. JZ-68 HQ637326 100
JM91 Mortierella sp. GW20–2 JQ670951 99
JM99 Mortierella sp. isolate N-4 MF939652 99
JM105 Mortierella alpina AB476411 99
JM109 Mortierella elongata strain PFY JX155654 100
JM113 Mortierella sp. 02NH02 JX270348 99
  1. TY indicates the fungi isolated from soil microhabitat, JM indicates the fungi isolated from external mycelial cortices