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Table 3 Strains information of tea-derived fungi used in this work

From: 3-Methylxanthine production through biodegradation of theobromine by Aspergillus sydowii PT-2

Isolate a Primers Fragments (bp) Accession No. b Species Strain No. Homology
PT-1 ITS1/ITS4 546 MT065763 Aspergillus niger NCBT 110A 99.8%
PT-2 ITS1/ITS4 516 MT065764 Aspergillus sydowii NRRL 250 99.8%
PT-3 ITS1/ITS4 541 MT065765 Aspergillus pallidofulvus NRRL 4789 99.9%
Bt2a/Bt2b 516 MT084116
CF1L/CF4 765 MT084120
PT-4 ITS1/ITS4 532 MT065766 Aspergillus sesamicola CBS 137324 99.8%
Bt2a/Bt2b 515 MT084117
CF1L/CF4 757 MT084121
PT-5 ITS1/ITS4 525 MT065767 Penicillium manginii CBS 253.31 99.6%
Bt2a/Bt2b 420 MT084118
PT-6 ITS1/ITS4 502 MT065768 Aspergillus ustus NRRL 275 100%
CF1L/CF4 694 MT084122
PT-7 ITS1/ITS4 532 MT065769 Aspergillus tamarii NRRL 20818 99.9%
Bt2a/Bt2b 476 MT084119
CF1L/CF4 715 MT084123
  1. a Those strains were stored in the microbiology laboratory of Yunnan Agricultural University with the number from PT-1 to PT-7, which can be accessed for reproducibility if need
  2. b GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ accession number