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Table 1 Names (coordinates), parts, and serial numbers of materials

From: Temporal and spatial pattern of endophytic fungi diversity of Camellia sinensis (cv. Shu Cha Zao)

Sample name (coordinates) Material position Number
1-year-old Shu Cha Zao/YS (31°19′7″N, 117°1′25″E) Rhizosphere soil YS1
Upper leaf YS2
Middle leaf YS3
Lower leaf YS4
20-year-old Shu Cha Zao/ES (31°19′13″N, 117°1′21″E) Rhizosphere soil ES1
Upper leaf ES2
Middle leaf ES3
Lower leaf ES4
60-year-old Shu Cha Zao/LS (31°19′38″N, 117°1′57″E) Rhizosphere soil LS1
Upper leaf LS2
Middle leaf LS3
Lower leaf LS4