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Table 2 Differences in the α-diversity indices of archaeal communities between two rhizosphere and bulk soils

From: Deciphering the archaeal communities in tree rhizosphere of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau

  Taxonomic Diversity Phylogenetic Diversity
Ob Shannon MNTD
Bulk soil 69(23)a 2.06(0.15)a 0.36(0.11)a
P. crassifolia 45(14)a 2.23(0.11)ab 0.43(0.22)a
P. szechuanica 63(14)a 2.34(0.03)b 0.44(0.06)a
  1. Data are means ± SD in parentheses, and different letters in the columns indicate significant differences (Dunnett test, P < 0.05)