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Table 1 Differences of soil physicochemical properties between two rhizosphere and bulk soils

From: Deciphering the archaeal communities in tree rhizosphere of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau

Index Bulk soil P. crassifolia P. szechuanica
pH 7.84(0.12)a 7.87(0.05)a 7.91(0.04)a
Moisture (%) 18.53(3.34)a 15.70(3.15)a 15.91(2.57)a
SOM (g/kg) 32.63(2.82)b 25.55(3.97)a 27.68(4.42)ab
TN (g/kg) 2.20(0.55)a 1.91(0.66)a 1.92(0.54)a
NH4+-N (mg/kg) 13.88(0.76)a 15.44(0.62)b 15.55(0.31)b
AN (mg/kg) 255.75(67.09)a 236.50(75.24)a 261.25(47.25)a
TP (g/kg) 0.34(0.03)a 0.36(0.03)a 0.35(0.03)a
AP (mg/kg) 5.50(0.27)a 6.03(0.33)b 6.03(0.28)b
  1. Data are means ± SD in parentheses, and different letters in the columns indicate significant differences (Dunnett test, P < 0.05)