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Table 2 Comparison of Gruberia foissneri spec. nov. with three congeners

From: New contributions to two ciliate genera (Ciliophora, Heterotrichea) based on morphological and molecular analyses, with description of a new Gruberia species

Species Body size Peristome lengtha Number of adoral membranelles Number of SK (including bipolar and shortened SK) Number of FPM Ma number and shape CV* Collection site Reference
G. foissneri spec. nov. 400–800 × 30–50 25–45% 76–174 25–37 29–75 Single, sausage-shaped Absent A seawater aquarium, Qingdao, China Present work
G. uninucleata (original description) 300–650 25–33% 8–10 on one side Single, ellipsoid Present An aquarium drain collection box, Helgoland, Germany Kahl [15]
G. uninucleata 250–600 ca. 28%b 40–82 16–22 23–29 Singleb Roscoff, France Dragesco [33]
G. binucleata (original description) 20 Two, oval Present L’ile Verte, France Dragesco [29]
G. lanceolata (original description) 200 Moniliform Genova, Italy Gruber [30]
  1. Abbreviations: CV* Contractile vacuole; FPM Fragments of paroral membrane; Ma Macronucleus; SK Somatic kineties
  2. a Ratio of oral length to body length, b Data from drawing or pictures, − Data not available