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Table 1 B. pseudomallei strains used in this study

From: Optical microscopy reveals the dynamic nature of B. pseudomallei morphology during β-lactam antimicrobial susceptibility testing

B. pseudomallei Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profile Origin Country Year
 Bp1651 AMCR, CAZR, IPMR Human USA 2004
 MSHR1655 AMCR, CAZS, IPMS Human Australia 2003
 724644 AMCI, CAZS, IPMS Human USA 2012
 1026b AMCS, CAZS, IPMS Human Thailand 1993
 1631 AMCS, CAZS, IPMS Environmental Australia n/a
 6296 AMCS, CAZS, IPMS Human USA 2012
 6788 AMCS, CAZS, IPMS n/a n/a n/a
  1. B. pseudomallei strains were classified as resistant (R), intermediate (I), or susceptible (S) based on interpretive criteria outlined by CLSI. Information not available (n/a)